Avant Garde, conventional or anywhere in between, I will meet any design challenge.

Give me distinct boundaries and I will work magic within them.

Give me free rein and I will redefine what is possible in web design.

New York Post
Tijuana Ricks
Game Boys Book
Brooklyn Beatdown

I love to design. I do it for a living and I do it for my own entertainment. The internet is replete with sites that would benefit from a skilled designer's touch, but many site owners lack either the means or the impetus to seek design help.

As a result -- when I discover a site whose content I enjoy -- I may contact the owner and offer my design services. Alternatively, I will put together a quick mock-up of how I think the site could improve, in advance of soliciting their business. I work for my standard rate, or for commensurate goods or services from small-businesses I enjoy supporting. In this section you will find try-out/for-hire work, ideas for sites and other proposals.

NY Metropolitan-area / International Magazine
Adirondack Guitar
Vox Pop Cafe
Forgotten New York